Industrial Biotechnology

We are determined to specialize in the development and commercialization of industrial biotechnology, advanced biofuel, biochemical, and bioenergy a firm we believe in being part of the robust technological advancement in new energy fuels as a move to combat climate change and other associated effects that are as a result of dependency on fossil fuels.

In partnership with our industrial partners we intend to invest heavily in biotechnology  by designing an advanced biofuel  facility  in Uganda that will go a long way in the transformation of a waste remediation problem into a profit center..

The firm is determined to accelerate the development and implementation of processes and technologies areas of:

Industrial biotechnologies
(biochemical, thermochemical, and hybrid systems)
Cellulosic ethanol
Algae-based biofuels


Commercialization plans & execution
Feasibility studies
Business plans/proposal development/grant application assistance
Project management plan development
Process licensing
Front-end-loading (FEL) analysis
Site identification & selection
Pilot & commercial demonstration plant design
Plant engineering & commissioning
Lab testing management
Project management & construction management
Operator training & start-up assistance
Maintenance support

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