As part of our analytical expertise and improve service delivery to our clients the firm is processing software licenses for key geological, reservoir and process evaluation software including:

  • The Kingdom Suite – Seismic Interpretation and well data analysis
  • Petrel – 3D geological modelling
  • Eclipse Black Oil- reservoir modelling
  • Eclipse Multi-component – reservoir modelling
  • TerraMod – Basin and Petroleum System Modelling
  • Powerlog – petrophysical and well log analysis
  • TerraStation – Borehole Image Analysis
  • Well Flo – Well Analysis and Modelling
  • Ecrin – Well Test and Production Analysis
  • ARCInfo – Geographical Information System Development
  • Crystal Ball – probabilistic assessment

The company in partnership with our industry partners is also developing its own proprietary cost estimating software that will be used to support its reserves and field development planning assessments all geared at extending all round quality services to our clients.

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